by Radha Bharadwaj
directed by Beth Lewinski
featuring Jenna Wetzel & Aaron Kopec


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A young woman is taken by force to an interrogation by a single male who is seemingly a government investigator. She is accused of hiding subversive messages from some unnamed underground working against the government in her children's book, CLOSET LAND.
The questioning becomes more brutal and she mentally withdraws to an imagined world of fictional characters that she developed as a child to escape physical abuse. Now her imaginary world, Closet Land, helps, once again, escape abuse and torture.
A Nicholl-Fellowship Award winning script performed for the first time in Wisconsin by permission of the author.

june 17 7:30pm
june 18 7:30pm
june 19 7:30pm
june 21 7:30pm (monday night show)
june 24 7:30pm
june 25 7:30pm
june 26 7:30pm
june 26 10:00pm
july 1 7:30pm
july 2 7:30pm
july 3 7:30pm

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