MURDER CASTLE: The Chronicle of H.H. HOLMES (an Alchemist Theatre Production)



Written by Aaron Kopec
Directed by Greg Bach & Erica Case

H.H.Holmes is regarded at The United States first serial killer.

SHOWTIMES ARE ALL 7:30PM. DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS PRODUCTION AND THE MANNER IN WHICH IT IS STAGED, NO LATE ARRIVALS WILL BE PERMITTED. No refunds or exchanges for late arrivals will be made. With a great deal of fun and exciting pre-show entertainment and atmosphere, we suggest arriving at The Alchemist Theatre & Bay View Lounge between 7:00pm & 7:10pm. You won't be dissapointed! PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A LOT MORE INFORMATION, PHOTOS AND CAST & CREW DETAILS

Holmes was a diabolical mastermind who swindled business partners, ruthlessly murdered innocent victims and left a trail of blood through several states. Holmes was most famous for using money gained through various cons to build an elaborate "hotel" during the Chicago World's Fair which was designed with maze-like properties, torture chambers and trap doors to dump bodies to the basement. This story not only follows the horrific dealings of the evil doctor, but also shows the effects brought upon those closest to him. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Oct 7 - Oct 30 all shows at 7:30pm $15 Arrive early for some preshow entertainment! The Bay View Lounge (attached to The Alchemist Theatre) will serve as the lobby to Holmes' "MURDER CASTLE" hotel! Purchase your tickets online to ensure that you get a room! When you arrive at the hotel lobby, check in at the desk to receive your room key, enjoy a tasty cocktail and relax while characters from the production mingle about. Feeling lucky? Try your skills at a few hands of poker and try to win chips worth drinks at the bar. Play against the world-famous outlaw Marion Hedgepeth (The Handsome Bandit.) Don't worry... we've hired crack Pinkerton Detectives to keep the game honest. At showtime, take a small tour through a representation of the MURDER CASTLE cellar, designed as a sort of "mini museum" of Holmes' debauchery. "Halloween shows" at The Alchemist DO SELL OUT and DO SELL OUT faster than expected. If you are interested in experiencing this production we highly suggest purchasing tickets as soon as possible. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!



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