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The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Technique is an acting style inspired by Patrick Tucker's Secrets of Acting Shakespeare, which posits that Shakespeare embedded clues in his plays that allowed actors to perform without rehearsal. Performers knew only their own lines and had no idea who was performing what other roles or even what the play was about. Nowadays, the technique is a masterful bend of in-the-moment intensity and poetic structure. It demands both personal discipline and collaborative flexibility, and rewards you with a beautifully spontaneous creation unlike any other.

Instructor Jared McDaris received his MFA in Theatre from Western Illinois University. It was there that he learned about the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Technique. No other acting style has rewarded or challenged him so consistently, nor simultaneously provided the perfect balance of structure and freedom. It was this love that prompted him to help found the new Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company, which has performed four shows in Chicago to date: Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest, Taming of the Shrew, and Othello.




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