DRAKER 33 (audio-only recorded storyplay)


This story takes place in a future where manual labor has been nearly eliminated, allowing for humanity to expand intellectually and artistically.
At the same time, a net-based fact-checking system is also put into place that instantly verifies any statements sent over the wire - wiping out the ability to fabricate or embellish stories.
Two things that seem like great accomplishments, but make for a dull, lifeless existence.
Then, an incident with a seemingly self-aware robot at an unmanned factory helps to reintroduce humanity to some of its basic needs.

DRAKER robot number 33 on the factory floor manages a slight self adjustment in programming, allowing for just enough curiosity to change the world.
DRAKER 33 is a short story by Aaron Kopec, read by David Roper and recorded by Mike Temple. This pre-recorded story telling is enhanced with sound effects and original music by Nagasaki Gold.
There will be no lighting or set for this production and you are encouraged to lean back in the comfortable Alchemist Theatre seats, close your eyes and drift off to the Bixon-Dixon Factory where our story takes place.

runtime is approx 30 minutes




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